Bettr Brew: Iced Shaken Coffee with Aeropress

Aeropress Iced Shaken Coffee

Welcome back to Bettr Brew! This time, we are featuring Rachel - one of our academy trainers, with the highly versatile Aeropress! She'll show us how she makes an Aeropress Iced Shaken Coffee using our beans from Argopuro in East Java, Indonesia with a natural anaerobic processing method.

The Aeropress is a highly efficient and portable brewing tool that combines both steeping and pressurized infusion. It offers versatility and many ways of experimentation to enhance the quality of a cup of coffee, which no other brewing tool can offer.

Since Rachel will be making iced shaken coffee, she uses a brew ratio of 1:18 to add to the intensity of the flavour of the beans. With this iced coffee recipe, our Indonesian coffee beans were able to showcase their fruity flavour profile and juicy finish.

Here are Rachel's brewing steps for you to try!


Aeropress Iced Shaken Coffee

Equipment: Aeropress, Aeropress filter paper, timer, cocktail shaker

Water: 180g, 93C

Coffee: 18g

Ice: 130g of ice in a cocktail shaker and 50g in a drinking glass

Brew time: 1 minute 35 seconds

  1. Grind your coffee to slightly finer than table salt.
  2. Prepare at least 180g of water with a temperature of 93 degrees Celsius.
  3. Insert the plunger into your Aeropress chamber and flip it upside down.
  4. Put the funnel on top of the chamber.
  5. Pour 18g of coffee into the chamber and remove the funnel.
  6. Add in the water up to the #2 mark on your Aeropress.
  7. Stir 10 times and wait for 35 seconds.
  8. Pour the remaining water up to the #1 mark and wait for 1 minute.
  9. At 1 minute, attach the filter cap securely to the chamber.
  10. Flip the Aeropress into your cocktail shaker with ice and press down until you hear a "hissing" sound.
  11. Put the cap on the cocktail shaker and shake for around 30 seconds. Time to try your Aeropress Iced Shaken coffee!

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