Bettr x MiiR Coffee Canister: Protecting The Freshness of Your Beans

Bettr x MiiR Coffee Canister:
Protecting The Freshness of Your Beans


#BettrCoffeTips on how you can best care for your beans
By Gregory

If you’re new to the wonderful world of coffee, you might not think twice about how you keep your beans. You might find yourself thinking, “I can just leave it in the bag it came in, there’s a zip lock after all!” and you might not be wrong, but what happens when you don’t seal the bag properly?

There are 4 enemies of coffee: light, heat, moisture, and oxygen. These elements can quickly ruin the delicious freshly roasted taste of your beans. In this week’s blog post, we share how you can best protect your beans!


Exposure to direct light makes roasted coffee go stale! Storing your beans in an opaque container can help prevent this, translucent containers might sound like a good half solution but remember light can still get through translucent surfaces. 

The stainless steel built of the Bettr x MiiR Coffee Canister is completely opaque, ensuring no light seeps in from any source. The Hardshell powder coat gives the coffee canister a sleek finish, fitting into any counter top with style.


Coffee beans should be kept away from heat sources until they are ready to be brewed. 

Roasting coffee is a process that involves heating green coffee beans, heat is transferred throughout to give the beans the iconic smell coffee is known for. While heat is used to bring out flavour of the green beans, prolonged exposure to heat is also what causes them to lose flavour.


Moisture can cause your beans to go bad quickly! Keeping wet hands away from beans is perhaps the most obvious way to avoid moisture from entering your beans, but humidity plays an equally important role. Which is why you should keep your beans in a cool, dark place - which would also protect it from heat! 

Making sure moisture doesn’t seep into your beans is also important, keeping it away from water sources like taps is an easy way. But you can go a step further! The twist bezel lid design, and accordion-style seal, keep the Bettr x MiiR Coffee Canister airtight. Nothing gets in when it's fully closed.

You might be forced to place your beans near a water source if kitchen space is scarce, but you can still easily keep it from getting wet.

Pro-tip! Do not store your beans in a freezer or refrigerator. Drastic changes in temperature can cause the formation of condensation, which would expose your beans to moisture.


Just like how an open bag of chips is exposed to air for too long, coffee will go stale! It is important to keep your beans in an airtight container to prevent oxidization from occurring, especially if you buy your beans in bulk.

The twist bezel lid design, and accordion-style seal of the Bettr x MiiR Coffee Canister doesn’t only keep moisture out, but kicks out oxygen! Keeping your beans fresher, for longer. See how the accordion-style seal works HERE.

It might sound like it’s a lot of trouble to care for coffee beans, but it isn’t all too different from how you would store your other foods. Now that you’re aware of what to look out for, keeping your beans fresh is real simple.

And it’ll be made even simpler with the Bettr x MiiR Coffee Canister! A one-size solution in combating the 4 enemies of coffee, keeping your coffee tasting fresh has never looked so good. Order your HERE.


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