It'd Bettr Be Beer: An Upcycled Beverage To Tackle Food Waste

It'd Bettr Be Beer!: An Upcycled Beverage To Tackle Food Waste


By Dominc Tan 

Let’s talk about food waste in Singapore. Not exactly a topic that stirs enthusiasm, I know. But before you get queasy (or guilty), here is some good news. From 2016-20:

  • Food waste has declined by a compounded rate of 3.41% annually.
  • Food recycling rate has increased by a compounded rate of 6.30% annually.
  • Food waste per capita has decreased by a compounded rate of 3.69% annually.

All these despite an 80,000 increase in our population. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In the same period, food waste as a percentage of overall waste increased by a compounded rate of 2.24% annually. This suggests that the reduction in food waste is not decreasing as fast as other sectors. At the same time, the food recycling rate (currently at 19% from domestic and non-domestic) is still a far cry from the government’s goal of 30% and 81% for overall domestic and non-domestic recycling rate respectively by 2030. 

This brings us to an alternative – upcycling. Where recycled food is often added to compost mixes, upcycling transforms food that you’d have thrown away into something appetizing. Just look at the restaurants popping up on our sunny island that specialise in upcycled cuisine. Or how food scientists from NUS have harnessed bread to create a probiotic drink. Sweet!

Our take on upcycling: It'd Bettr Be Beer!

Speaking of bread, we hopped on the upcycling trend (beer pun intended, kinda) by partnering with CRUST – a food-tech startup obsessed with said trend. The result: It’d Bettr Be Beer – an ale infused with surplus bread and our upcycled Heart Blend coffee grounds. Read more about the brewing process here.

Coffee Beer Taste

The Sweet Taste of Sustainability

Yes, you read that right, bread that’s near its expiry and stale coffee. But fear not, know that we’ve taken steps to ensure that safety and taste are not compromised. The coffee grounds and near-expiry bread (read: NOT past expiry) do not contain mould or fungi. During the brewing process, the alcohol acts as a natural disinfectant, while a boiling stage kills any bacteria. 

Less waste, more taste – who knew drinking alcohol can do so much good for the planet? Whether to find comfort in the blistering heat or to treat your party guest to some heavenly hops, It'd Bettr Be Beer is conveniently sold in packs of 2, 6, or 12. Follow our Instagram to get the latest coffee updates and deals.


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