It'd Bettr Be Beer!: Introducing Our Caffeinated Cream Ale

It'd Bettr Be Beer!:
Introducing Our Caffeinated Cream Ale


Start a party or end the day with an ice cold beer that makes a difference!
By Alaine Johnson

What would you do with 600 billion cups, or 1.3 billion tonnes of food?

That’s the amount of waste generated by the coffee industry and from the food we throw away every year. This collaboration to create a Coffee Cream Ale from upcycled bread and cold brew is our small inroad to tackle that in partnership with CRUST Group.

We’re raising our glasses to bringing together like-minded social businesses. Social and environmental sustainability have always been at the core of the Bettr Group, and so when we learned about Travin and Ben traveling to pick up bread from bakeries around Singapore and in our own backyard in Tai Seng, we wanted to join forces to make our own coffee beer with our extra coffee. We’re all about bold missions, and the CRUST Group’s commitment to reduce global food loss by 1% by 2030 is something we can jump on board with.

This coffee cream ale saves bread and Bettr Coffee Heart Blend coffee that are nearing their expiry date from entering the general food waste stream. Our Heart Blend coffee is upcycled into cold brew, which is then added into the brewing of the upcycled bread ale to combine the best of both worlds — a zero-waste win and a delicious, coffee-infused cream ale.

Let’s toast to that, and to saving a crust and some coffee! Stay tuned, It'd Bettr Be Beer! launches soon on

Update (2 Feb 2021): It'd Bettr Be Beer! is now available, click HERE to order.


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