Kopi, Not Coffee - Singapore’s Local Coffee Scene

Kopi, Not Coffee:
Singapore's Local Coffee Scene


Can you imagine not having our local kopi scene in our lives? Something would definitely feel missing.
By Danawa Roslee

“Kopi O kosong” “Kopi C siew dai”

These are terms Singaporeans are familiar with when we order our morning coffee from our favourite drink stall uncle at the hawker centre. We would marvel at the way he would pull the coffee before pouring the golden liquid into our takeaway cup. We would revel at the way he remembers our order everytime he sees us approaching his stall, sometimes even becoming our friend. Underneath this ease of skill displayed by the uncle, which is a common sight at our local coffee shop, lies years of experience in local kopi brewing techniques that is in danger of dying out.


As of 2019, the median age of our hawkers is 60 years old. This ageing industry is in desperate need of finding new blood to continue our local hawker traditions, and this includes our kopi brewing techniques. Not only is our kopi a staple in our mornings, the local kopi scene also makes up a crucial part of our Singapore identity.

This is why Bettr has local kopi offerings such as the WSQ Prepare and Serve Hot Beverages classes, as well as enjoy kopi beverages at our GovTech and Marina One retail bars. We believe that learning more about our local kopi scene would diversify our knowledge in coffee and allow us to appreciate the differences between kopi and specialty coffee. Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?


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