Belift Green Beans - Indonesia Argopuro East Java Walida Cooperative Anaerobic Natural

This delicate, anaerobically processed coffee comes from Tlogosari village on the foothills of Mt. Argopuro in East Java. Working with Belift Green Beans, a group of next-generation Indonesian coffee professionals committed to developing the quality and sustainability of their coffee, this project represents Bettr’s first collaboration with partners from this sprawling archipelagic nation with a rich tradition in coffee cultivation.

Our partners at Belift Green Beans choose farmers who are willing to embrace changes and work consistently with them, investing in various process improvement techniques. The coffees are directly traded, hand-picked and sorted, cupped by a Q grader, and assessed by a team of local experts.

Pak Muhlisin, the farmer lead for Argopuro, is a native of the village. He pursued an education in agricultural science and after a successful career, decided to bring his multi-faceted experience in the specialty coffee industry back to his hometown. A non-profit cooperative has been set up by the villagers for the community's well-being, funnelling proceeds from sales into projects like a school that caters to the needs of villagers.

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