Bettr Brew: Pourover coffee with the December Dripper

For this episode of Bettr Brew, one of our academy trainers, Lydia, uses the December dripper to brew one of our single origin coffee - Nicaragua Finca Idealista Honey Proccess. The FIRST flat-bottomed pourover coffee dripper that allows you to adjust the brew flow, the December dripper has 12 holes on its base which you can adjust depending on your brewing volume. This allows you to control the flow of the water through the dripper and the time the brew draws down.

Things you'll need
- December dripper
- Filter paper (Kalita filter papers)
- Timer
- Scale
- Kettle


Brew recipe
✨ Coffee to water ratio: 1:15
☕️ Coffee: 20g
✨ Grind size: medium-coarse
💦 Water: 300g, 93C
⏳ Brew time: 2 min 45 sec


    1. Grind 20g of coffee to medium-coarse.

    2. Heat up at least 300g of water to 93 degrees celsius.

    3. Carefully twist the December Dripper to stage one setting.

    4. Pre-wet your paper filter to remove the paper taste and to pre-heat your brewing vessels. Discard the water before brewing. 

    5. Add in the 20g of ground coffee to your December dripper and level the coffee bed by giving it a gentle tap. 

    6. For your first pour, pour 40g of water in a circular motion and wait for 30 seconds, allowing the ground coffee to degas and release carbon dioxide.

    7. Proceed with your second pour and pour 80g of water, still in a circular motion. 

    8. Proceed with your third pour after 30 seconds and pour 60g of water.

    9. For your fourth and fifth pour, pour 60g of water each and wait for 30 seconds intervals. 

    10. Wait for the brew to draw down fully before giving your it a taste!

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