Coffee Delivery Myths: Debunked!

Coffee Delivery Myths: Debunked!


By Dominc Tan and Alaine Johnson 

If you haven’t heard, we’ve launched our coffee delivery service – Bettr Cloud BarBy marrying the convenience of periodic deliveries and the quality brews you’ve come to know of us, we hope to bring coffee right to your doorstep. Although coffee delivery isn’t a new concept, myths have plagued the service – and rightfully so – given the less than ideal offerings in the market. Well, we’ve come to rectify those myths and show you why Bettr Cloud Bar is indeed… better.

Myth 1: Coffee that’s delivered = Lower quality 
There are usually two reasons why coffee that’s delivered can turn unpleasant: 1. Quality of coffee 2. time taken to deliver said coffee.

To ensure the former, like our retail outlets, we use quality, ethically sourced beans of reputable provenance, brewed with precise techniques (and lots of love!). To ensure the latter, we brew your coffee right before delivery, then pour it in an insulated tumbler so that whatever its temperature is supposed to be, remains so. Also, your coffee will be brewed in the production hub closest to you to reduce travel time. More production hubs will be rolled out as we go along so that’s something to look forward to!

Myth 2: When will I (actually) get my coffee?
We get it. Coffee first, breakfast later. Because you need that coffee to start your day. With the Bettr Cloud Bar, you can specify your preferred delivery time slots (8.30am to 11.30am or 2pm to 4.30pm), and we’ll be there during the timeframe. Here’s to a reliable stream of caffeine to wake up to.

Myth 3: Expensive and complicated delivery fees
Our subscription plan is simple. Build your favourite drink, address and delivery frequency, day and time. That’s it. No hidden fees and enjoy savings with each subscription plan! Finally a convenient service with less headache, and more coffee for your buck.

In conclusion, coffee delivery myths = busted. You can have your hot latte at 9 am in the comfort of your home and drink it too – start by browsing our plans or subscribe now.

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