About Us

About Us

We may not be the biggest or richest but we’re certainly Bettr. What we do best is coffee, of course, and doing it well is what we take pride in.

The Bettr Manifesto

The Bettr Manifesto

Sorry to burst your bubble.
Single-O don’t mean good coffee;
Kopi-O doesn’t mean bad coffee.
The best coffee in the world is fresh coffee.
The one that warms your insides,
And makes you feel like life is good.
Even for that one minute in a crazy day.

Sustainability? Sounds great.
But your reusable cup can’t save the world by themselves,
And straws alone won’t end plastic overuse.
We have charities who run like businesses,
And businesses that do plenty of charity.
We all need to do more.

You can be a do-gooder
Who makes mistakes sometimes.
You can be a vegan
Who thinks about a steak sometimes.
You can still do good, After doing some bad.
Your choice, every time.

The truth is:
Coffee is messy
Because the world is messy.
And the world is messy because
Humans are messy.

But that’s okay.
Because Bettr is a space
where we embrace life, people and coffee
In all its complex, messy beauty.

Welcome to Bettr:
A safe, inclusive space
A space where anyone can grow
A space with no judgement
No airs, no bullsh*t.

It’s a place where social businesses
Can be both 100% good and 100% profitable.
Where the coffee is always
100% unpretentious but 100% delicious
Where everyone can be
100% flawed yet 100% wonderful.
In this world, nothing is 100% perfect,
But everything can be 100% Bettr.

Who we are 

Who we are 

A home-grown specialty coffee company founded in 2011, the Bettr Group is also Southeast Asia’s first certified B-Corporation.

Today, we provide professional beverage education, specialty coffee products for retail and wholesale, and large-scale events services for companies. We also operate retail coffee bars islandwide, using our presence to amplify positive social impact in the community.



To create an ecosystem that encourages staff, business partners and customers to be better versions of themselves - while making a decent living - and champion a new breed of businesses that work first towards doing real good in real places, and having a real impact.

To encourage consumers in making more conscious and responsible purchase decisions, where they demand more ethics, transparency and accountability in the way businesses are run, in their practices and in their relationships with their partners and suppliers.

Steward Leadership 25 (SL25) 2023 Honouree

This recognition reinforces our commitment to seamlessly integrating financial success with a meaningful societal purpose. Beyond providing access to quality education, we actively enhance long-term employability and foster emotional resilience through our social programmes.

PVPA Awards 2022, Small & Medium Enterprise category

We received this pinnacle award which recognises individuals and groups that have achieved excellence in giving. These awards represent the highest honour for giving in the community and are conferred by the President of the Republic of Singapore.

Champions of Good Award 2022

Awarded by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) - Towards a City of Good, we were recognised for our ethos in using business as a force for good, empowering marginalised groups, nurturing direct and sustainable trade, and building socially conscious communities. 

Best For The World™ B Corp (Workers) 2022

In 2022, we were recognised as a Best For The World™ (Workers) Honouree. Out of 5,000 Certified B Corps worldwide, we've achieved a score in the top 5% for the Workers pillar. Our company-wide incorporation of soft skills ‘Buddy Training’ and Bettr Lives contributes to a safe and conducive work environment. 

DBS Foundation Business for Impact Grant 2020

We are a recipient of the 2020 DBS Foundation Business for Impact Grant that has enabled us to scale our business and deepen our impact.

Best For The World™ B Corp (Community) 2016-2019

From 2016-2019, we've been a Best For The World (Community) Honouree, putting us in the top 10 percent of all B Corps on the Community portion of our B Impact Assessment - which evaluates a company’s supplier relations, diversity, involvement in the local community, and our practices and policies around the social issues that we work every day to help solve.

PSCEA (2017) and Startup of the Year (2013)

We’re also very proud to have won the 2017 President’s Challenge Social Enterprise of the Year (PSCEA) award, having bagged the Social Enterprise Start-up of the Year award in 2013. The PSCEA is conferred by the President’s Office to recognise exceptional social enterprises for their contributions made to the local community.