The December Coffee Dripper: A Brewer by Coffee Lovers for Coffee Lovers

The December Coffee Dripper:
A Brewer by Coffee Lovers for Coffee Lovers


A #BettrBrewBasics series featuring some of our favourite brew devices
By Benedict Yu and Danawa Roslee

The December Coffee Dripper, a brewer designed by specialty coffee brewing experts for coffee lovers all over. What started out as a ground-up kickstarter by coffee aficionado and co-founder of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, Nicholas Cho, turned into an instant favourite in the specialty coffee community. Fun fact: The December Dripper got its name because the 12 holes represent the months in the year and December was the birth month of Nicholas. 

The flat-bottomed pourover coffee dripper allows for an even brew where the water interacts with all of the coffee consistently. The variable aperture base makes the December Coffee Dripper a standout amongst other drippers. It allows the user to change the number of openings at the bottom and alter the flow of water through the dripper making it even easier to brew that perfect cup of coffee!

Possibly the biggest impact the December Coffee Dripper has on our standard brewing parameters is its unique ability to brew small doses with coarse grounds. Brew time is an important factor in extraction, and we have found filter coffee can taste much sweeter when its contact time with water is extended to 3-4 minutes. The December’s flow-restricting gasket makes this possible with doses as small as 10 grams. For slightly larger doses (around 25 grams) try using setting #2 during the “brew” phase.

To get started, you might need a few other things first before brewing coffee using the December Dripper: December Coffee Dripper Filters or Kalita Wave #185 filters, gooseneck kettle, decanter, thermometer, weighing scale and timer. If you are looking to add this brewer in your collection, get yourself a Bean & Brew Bundle inclusive of a bag of our signature house blend. Happy brewing!


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