Iced Orange Chocolate: The Perfect Drink This Lunar Niu Year

Iced Orange Chocolate:
The Perfect Drink This Lunar Niu Year


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By Gregory

Put the packet drinks aside this Lunar New Year and wow your relatives with a delectable citrus drink instead. With the January cool behind us, keep your friends and family refreshed with an ice cold cup of orange chocolate to perk up the festivities.

This easy to make drink is a considerable step up from the usual sugar-filled packet drinks served during the Lunar New Year. It looks every bit impressive, helping you score some extra brownie points with your in-laws, just be sure to keep this blog post away from them so they don’t find out how deceptively simple this drink is to make.



Iced Orange Chocolate

Ready in 5 minutes
1 Serving


80ml Orange Chocolate Concentrate
100ml Milk
Dehydrated Orange Slices (Optional)
Grated Orange Zest (Optional)


  1. To achieve a layered look, prepare a tall glass and add milk.
  2. Fill half the glass with ice.
  3. Gently pour Orange Chocolate Concentrate over the ice.
  4. Garnish with dehydrated orange slices and grated orange zest.
  5. Stir and enjoy!


Looking to add a little caffeine boost to the drink? Stir in a shot of espresso with the Orange Chocolate Concentrate before adding it to the cup.
For a dairy free alternative, swap out the 100ml of milk with either oat milk or soy milk. Water works just as well!
Give the little ones something extra by topping off the drink with 5-10g of marshmallows.


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