It'd Bettr Be Beer!: Brewing Our Coffee Cream Ale

It'd Bettr Be Beer!:
Brewing Our Coffee Cream Ale


Start a party or end the day with an ice cold beer that makes a difference!
By Gregory

What would you do with 600 billion cups, or 1.3 billion tonnes of food? That’s the amount of waste generated by the coffee industry and from the food we throw away every year.

Social and environmental sustainability have always been at the core of the Bettr Group. Together with CRUST Group we’ve embarked on a partnership to release “It’d Better Be Beer!”, an upcycled Coffee Cream Ale made from surplus bread and our Heart Blend cold brew.

“It’d Bettr Be Beer!” goes through 7 steps in the process of its creation at CRUST Group’s brewery, which you can see in the handy infographic above.

Cold brew extract is collected and mashed with collected surplus bread and malted barley before going through lautering. Lautering is when clear liquid wort is separated from the residual grains. Once the separation is complete, the wort is then boiled with hops.

Hops are the flowers of the plant Humulus lupulus, and is a key ingredient in brewing beer. Hops help to keep beer fresher, longer; help beer retain its head of foam—a key component of a beer's aroma and flavour.

When the mixture is ready, it is cooled before being fermented with yeast. After fermentation, the bottling process begins and voila! “It’d Bettr Be Beer!” is ready!

By using surplus bread that CRUST Group collects, and Bettr Coffee’s near expiry Heart Blend Cold Brew extracts, we are giving new life to items that would otherwise contribute to the very real problem of waste.

Locally, Singapore’s offshore landfill Pulau Semakau is expected to be fully filled by 2035 according to the National Environment Agency. While the government is taking measures to extend Pulau Semakau’s lifespan, waste is a problem that cannot be ignored forever. This collaboration to create a Coffee Cream Ale from upcycled bread and cold brew is our small inroad to tackle that.

Coffee beer is an intriguing term, and you might be wondering how it tastes like. This unique cream ale is rich and aromatic, with notes of toasted caramel, dark chocolate, honey, and red cherry.

Together with CRUST Group, we’ve given our Heart Blend new life in the form of “It’d Bettr Be Beer!” a zero-waste win and a delicious, coffee-infused cream ale. Start a party or end the day with an ice cold beer that makes a difference.

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